A 12-lead MR compatible ECG system

A 12-lead MR compatible ECG system has been developed and tested by the joint force of IADI, CIC-IT and Schiller Medical, France. This breakthrough allows the reconstruction of a high-quality 12-lead ECG under MR environment. The system has been tested on 1.5T and 3T MR machine. It might help improve patient monitoring and triggering, as well as be of interest for interventional MRI and other advanced cardiac applications. This work has been published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine ( https://doi.org/10.1002/mrm.27854 )

Here is the first publication about the ArchiMed platform!

We are proud to announce that the first publication about the ArchiMed platform has just been published in the Frontiers in ICT review.

For now, more than 10 million files are archived in Archimed, namely 4 Terabites for 116 studies. Archimed has been operational for 5 years at Nancy CIC-IT, and around 60 persons use it daily. Among them, there are: engineers, researchers, clinicians, and project managers.

Three new MRI in Brabois! Equipment also dedicated to research!

Three new MRI in Brabois! Equipment also dedicated to research!

The Nancy Brabois CHRU completely renewed its MRI Platform in October 2016 with two 3Telsa MRI  (PRISMA and SKYRA) and one 1,5Tesla MRI (AVANTO FIT), all by Siemens. It has been financed by the CHRU, the Contrat de Plan Etat Région (CPER) IT-M2P (Technological Innovations, Modelling, and Personalized Medicine), and by the FEDER (European Funds for Regional Development). 

Now research benefits from a time dedicated at 47% to research with two full days on the 3T PRISMA MRI (on Mondays and Fridays) and four hours on the 1,5T MIR to develop research in instrumentation and safety in MRI, in methodology and clinical research where MRI is involved.




An excellence centre for clinical research based on innovation!

CIC-IT guarantees the continuity of the UMR IADI activities (Diagnostic Adaptive and interventional Imaging Unit, U 947 Inserm-Université de Lorraine) towards research and clinical application. 

It aims at validating and enhancing: medical devices (MD) in MRI (ECG, MRI compatible sensors) and innovating techniques in imaging (sequence, reconstruction, post-treatment). It provides support to the implementation of clinical research protocols in imaging or to protocols that use imaging.

CIC-IT also works in developing research projects on new themes (cancers, psychiatry, vascular medecine…) thanks to its know-how, especially in quantitative imaging.

Thanks to its expertise in MRI and its numerous partnerships with physicians-scientists, the CIC-IT produces a recognized research of quality and is published in numerous referent specialized reviews.