Complementary expertise

Nancy CIC-IT (Clinical Investigation Center – Technological Innovations) gathers a wide range of expertise in its team.

Organized in a participative way, our structure has then all the required expertise to conduct a clinical study in the best possible conditions.

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An efficient technical unit

As a medical technological innovation and research partner, CIC-IT is located as close as possible to the imaging facilities in the Nancy Regional University Hospital Center (Nancy Brabois CHRU).


Some MRI of Nancy Brabois CHRU have a direct access:

  • 3Tesla: 24h dedicated per week (40% for investigation (basic and clinical) / 60% for medical exams)
  • 1,5Tesla: 3h dedicated per week

Additionally, Nancy CIC-IT has adapted equipments to achieve required elements for the studies or the pre-tests:

  • Mechanical workshop
  • Electronics workshop
  • Stations for post-treatments (cardiology, neurology, etc.)
  • Stations for the creation of test objects (« ghosts »)
  • IT park
  • Post-treatment, and data storage softwares.
  • Pre-clinical platform INSPiRE

Lots of players around us!

Our supervisors

As a public entity within Nancy CIC, within the unit of Research Supporting Structure (S²R) of Nancy CHRU, Nancy CIC-IT is ruled by partnership agreements with Université de Lorraine (University of Lorraine, UL) and INSERM (National Institute for Health and Medical Research).

Nancy CHRU

More than a supervisor!


CIC-IT is located in the premises of Nancy Brabois CHRU, which facilitates access to the MRIs used in clinique, to potential investigators, etc.

CHRU and us . . .


A guarantee of quality for research


This national recognition from INSERM gives us the opportunity to create lots of collaborations so that we can develop and enhance our projects even better.

Inserm and us . . .

Université de Lorraine

Research and Training


Université de Lorraine (UL), which has partnership with several engineering schools, is a great help in our technological developments.

Research at UL . . .

The other CICs

CIC-IT, CIC-P, and CIC-EC. . . three structures and a single body in Nancy!

  • The CIC-IT (Clinical Investigation Center – Technological Innovations), The CIC-P (Clinical Investigation Center – multi-topics), and the CIC-EC (Clinical Investigation Center – clinical epidemiology), are composing Nancy CIC (CIC 1433).
    Each structure has its own expertise and lots of projects are conducted in common.
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The National network of CIC-ITs: a referent in health technologies

  • For more efficiency and more cross-working, CIC-ITs have been working in a  national network since 2003.
    Dedicated to innovation and research in health technologies, the mission of the CIC-IT network is to coordinate all the CICI-ITs, to pool skills and to foster all the initiatives that meet the expectations of research, industry and health organizations.
    There are currently 8 CIC-ITs all over France, and each one is expert in a particular field. For more information, please click on the CIC-IT network logo.

Partner laboratories and industries

The IADI Laboratory, a special partner!

  • We work closely with the INSERM U947 Interventional and Diagnostic Adaptive Imaging Unit (IADI), which obtained the quality label in 2009. It aims at:
      • Developing techniques and methods to improve moving parts imaging,
      • Treating signal and imaging,
      • Performing methodology and clinical validations.

Healtis, a start-up from our developments

  • The Healtis society was founded in 2012 from the developments that were conducted both at the IADI and the CIC-IT, in MRI safety.
    Healtis offers several services. Including:  

      • Assessing interactions between MRI and  devices: MRI compatibility tests;
      • Assisting the medical device (MD) designers when new products are developed;
      • Training staff to work safely in MRI.

Structures which put their trust in us!

F-CRIN, an infrastructure in which we play a role

  • F-CRIN, for « French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network », is the French component of ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network), a European infrastructure which supports the development of multinational clinical trials.
    « F-CRIN is not a sponsor: it is above all a facilitator in clinical research which aims at opening up the existing structures and supporting the projects of those who achieved professional excellence in their projects. »
    F-CRIN gave the quality label to two service platforms, and Nancy CIC-IT is one of them:
      • Partners (PArtners foR inTernational cliNical rEseaRchS)
      • Tech4Health, dedicated to medical devices, to e-health and to biomaterials.
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Industries and institutions whom we work with



Our financial support

CHRU Nancy