Our leading projects!

Nancy CIC-IT works on many projects that can be enhanced in many ways: participation in large-scale projects, publications, start-up creation, etc.
Here are some that reflects our expertise:


More that 1000 volunteers for the MRI

Start: 2008

“Méthodo” is a project for the MRI methodological development. It represents 50% of the research MRI clinical research activity and enables it to conduct feasibility studies or pilot studies that are necessary to set up an imaging clinical research project on subjects. Methodological publications are based on those works.



A study conducted on 190 subjects

Start: 2013

This study is conducted on a large group of subjects in several hospitals in France. It focuses on the heart transplantation rejection issue. It aims at evaluating the ability of the MRI technique to detect it. It is compared to the current method based on heart biopsy.

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MRI safety

Start: 2013

The project started in 2013 as the result of the cooperation between IADI IRM, Nancy CIC-IT, and Healtis company. It benefited from the funds of FEDER/AME that raised 3 525 k€. It focuses on creating innovating products and services for the safety of subjects and staff working in MRI



The ArchiMed platform

An effective tool for research

Start: 2008

The ArchiMed platform was developed at the Nancy CIC-IT in order to store, manage, treat, and archive research data, in particular for medical images.  It guarantees data integrity as well as their protection. It favours interoperability.

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A national study on PAH

Start: 2015

The EVITA study evaluates the cardiac MRI in the follow-up of subjects who suffer from Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). The project final objective is to improve the quality of life of subjects by substituting the necessary invasive exams to their follow-up by a cardiac MRI exam.

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Study on 2,200 pregnant women

Start: 2018

The national SPIRIT study aims to detect two major obstetrical diseases: preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction by 3D ultrasound. This study, conducted in 3 centres, is carried out on 2200 nulliparous patients during the first trimester of pregnancy, in Nancy, Strasbourg and Paris.

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