Quality is very much a collaborative approach. It aims at providing quality service by the optimization of work. The quality manager has a major part in the coordination as she is involved in the CIC-IT policy. But she is above all else a main support and she initiates actions among the staff.

 The quality manager has several missions at the Nancy CIC-IT:

  • Implementing and handling the continuous improvement of the quality system.
  • Implementing and adapting work tools for the CIC-IT members that enable:
    • A good management of the various projects
    • An effective transmission of the knowledge and know-how of each member.
  • Warning the staff on health, safety and working conditions (Health and Safety Committee)
  • Managing external communication on the CIC-IT activities and work with partner networks on that purpose.

Please contact the CIC-IT quality manager!

Claire Dessale
Phone number: +33 (3) 83 15 35 09