Why do we conduct clinical studies?

The aim of health research is to offer new diagnostic or therapeutic approaches, new medicines, new medical devices, and also to expand the use of a given component to another application, or medical discipline. So that it can be applied in practical Clinique, it is essential to prove that those new components are safe and effective.

Clinical studies are critical to furnish such proof. Of course, they are conducted after a period of tests on test-objects. However, objects are limited as they do no act exactly like a real person. Nothing can then be completely validated without the participation of volunteers.


What does being a volunteer mean?

Being a volunteer means contributing to progress in medical research. At Nancy CIC-IT, most of our studies are related to MRI and to the associated diagnostic and technical devices. Being a volunteer often means that you agree on taking an MRI.

Some of our studies directly include volunteer subjects. These are informed of the study and recruited by their doctor. But we also need “healthy” volunteers, which means persons who do not have the studied pathology.


How can I volunteer?

To volunteer, you just have to fill in the form. You will receive a notification that validates your application as a volunteer. You will then be included in our database of volunteers, which is declared to the CNIL (French Commission for Data Protection and liberties).

Or course, you can decide to be removed from our database anytime. You just have to contact us, without any justification.


Can I choose the study for which I volunteer?

It is quite possible to decline a study in which you do not whish to participate or for which you are not available.

However, it is generally not possible to choose the study for which you volunteer as you are registered in a database of volunteers but not for a study in particular.

Still, if you are interested in a specific study, please let us know.


Are the studies at Nancy CIC-IT paid?

No. Studies conducted at Nancy CIC-IT are generally not paid as the regulatory compensation depends on the risks and constraints related to the investigation.

However, your journey to our site or you parking can be reimbursed (tramway or park ticket).


Can I participate in several studies?

You can participate in several clinical investigations in your life. However, there are some limits, as the legislation provides the exclusion of periods (that can go from some hours to several days) after each clinical study, according to their specificity. It is then extremely rare to be able to participate in two clinical studies at the same time.  


What are the risks and constraints related to MRI?

Some information here!