The CPP (Ethical Research Comittees) now stands for the CCPPRB (Consultative Ethical Research Comittees in biomedical research). They co-decide with the ANSM (French Agency for medicine security) all the authorizations in biomedical investigations. Those committees were instituted by the law of August, 9th 2014 and are certified by the Ministry of Health. Their composition guarantees their independence and the variety of expertise they have in medical field (moral, social, psychological and legal). Their mission is to:
    • Give advice on the conditions for the validation of investigations
    • Protect subjects who participate in studies.
    • Verify the suitability, the exhaustiveness, and the intelligibility of the information produced for the investigation.
    • Verify the procedure to obtain consent
    • Ensure that there is a reason to conduct a study on persons that may not be able to give their consent.

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